Year of the Tiger 1964

A U.S. Marine Corps pilot is shot down over the Vietnamese jungle. In his endeavor to get to safety, he meets a female guerrilla fighter and a nationalist named Hong.

To the Shores of Hell 1966

A Marine officer leads a rescue mission through the Vietnamese jungle to rescue his brother, a doctor who has been taken prisoner by the Viet Cong.

Farewell to the Duman River 1962

Patriotic university student Youngwoo and his friends, led by their teacher Lee Sung, along with a British friend bid farewell to their families and become freedom fighters in Manchuria fighting against the Japanese occupation around the Tumen River.

Madame Spy 1942

A war correspondent's new wife is suspected by his colleagues of being a Nazi spy.

Boadicea 1927

The life of the Celtic Queen Boudica (Boadicea) and her rebellion against the Roman Empire.

Return to Sandakan 1995

During World War II there were nearly 2,500 Allied prisoners held in Sandakan POW camp in British North Borneo. Along with the ravages of war and the struggle to survive abject conditions, only six of these POW's were found alive when the war finally ended. In the years that followed, the horror stories of human depravity and the atrocities committed by the Japanese at Sandakan POW camp would come to light, considered by many as one of the most devastating chapters of the Pacific War.

Temptation on Glamour Island 1959

Comedy about three soldiers, two female reporters, six prostitutes, and the wife of an officer, all stranded on a South Seas island at the end of World War II.

Free City 1958

The heroic struggle of Polish post office workers in Gdansk on the first day of World War II.

Bolibar 1928

Hessian officers' flirtations with an artist's daughter accidentally give signals to the attacking English.